About Us

Shirley Baldwin established Baldwin Advisory, LLC in August, 2018. Our goal is to team with executives, high net worth families and their advisors to assist with tax and financial reporting, succession planning and governance structures. We help clients answer the following questions while considering federal and state income, estate and gift tax ramifications:

1.  What employee benefits are available and how do we maximize those benefits to meet the family’s goals and objectives?

2.  What is our overall mission as a family?

3.  What are our family’s core values?

4.  What do we own and how should ownership be structured?

5.  Is our overall net worth increasing or decreasing?

6.  How do we make decisions as a family and what roles do different family members assume?

7.  How do we train successive generations to manage and transfer wealth responsibly as well as maintain a positive work ethic for future generations?

8.  Do we have the right set of providers, and do they function as a team to help us meet our goals?

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Shirley Baldwin | CPA, CFP®


Shirley has more than 30 years of public accounting experience. She is a former KPMG, LLP partner who has worked with both public and private company executives and their businesses providing tax, gift and estate planning services. She has worked across many industries including transportation, retail and distribution and real estate development and management. Shirley is coauthor of the CCH Guide to Cost Segregation.

Shirley has a BS in Commerce with concentration in Accounting from the University of Virginia and an MBA from the College of William & Mary.